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Piotr Krzemiński COO and PR Director

Joakim Forslund CDO and Co-Founder

Richard McFarlane Senior Engineering Guru

dr hab. Bartosz Piotrowski PESA / CIRCLE / ASP Wwa

Szymon Brynda Station Engineering Lead

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Aaron Pikus Pod Vehicle Lead

Igor Jurkowski Software Team Leader

Michal Czech Tube Construction and Logistics Team Leader

Wiktor Dowgird Systems and Survey Section Director

André Kunze Numerical Simulations Team Leader

Grzegorz Druzka Pylons Construction Engineer

Szymon Sroka Numerical Simulations Engineer

Arthur Wiertek Numerical Simulations Engineer

Paul Le Henaff Webb Developer and Mechanical Engineer

Alessandro Caratelli Controls Software Lead

Nestor Salame Electronics Engineer

Hyperloop test track will be built in Silesia (polish)

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SpaceX will test their fastest mode of transportation in Jaworzno (polish)

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Jaworzno will share their area for hyperloop test track (polish)

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Jaworzno will share their area for hyperloop test track. Letter of Intent has been signed (polish)

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Jaworzno: Is Hyperloop to be built between downtown and Szczakowa? Letter of Intent has been signed. (polish)

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The decision is made. First hyperloop test track will be built in Jaworzno (polish)

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Jaworzno shocks! They will test Elon Musk's technology (polish)

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Poland Is Best Place For Hyperloop, Says Polish Inventor

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Poland is the best place for transport revolution. Polish idea appreciated by the CEO of Tesla (polish)

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OUR INTERVIEW: INNOVATORS SUMMIT 2017: Hyperloop in Poland - first transporting cargo, passengers' travels (polish)

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Hyperloop - future transportation (polish)

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When will the first Hyperloop appear? Polish team works like in CERN (polish)

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