About us

EUROLOOP is an e-mobility and infrastructure company based in Poland currently developing an autonomous cargo transportation and handling system based on our unique version of Hyperloop technology. It will use custom technology for the suspension and propulsion systems to reduce cost of development, construction and operation. The passenger version is reserved for the future after the cargo system is deployed and tested.

Previously our founding members participated in the first annual SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition and won one out of 5 main awards - the Innovation award, as one of 1200 teams from all over the world. They were part of the only team in the final stage of the competition not supported by a major university. Since the incorporation people from other teams in the finals joined us to work on EUROLOOP’s vision of the Hyperloop technology.

The initial focus for EUROLOOP are the shortest possible routes that are profitable for cargo transportation and talks are in progress with numerous partners from maritime and energy sectors interested in application of our technology for their needs.


The future of transportation is arriving.

The Hyperloop concept takes the best bits from 3 previous modes of transportation - automotive, air, and rail - combines them, and removes the bad parts. It will have the safety and speed of aircraft, capacity of trains, but with the flexibility of cars. All while remaining low-cost, hassle-free and with a small geographical footprint. It can also, unlike some previous modes, be constructed to look beautiful and to be almost completely silent.

City-center to city-center

The Hyperloop is silent and has a much smaller geographical footprint than an airport. This means a terminal can be constructed in the middle of a city without the noise and space needed for aviation.

Faster, cheaper logistics

The euroLoop system will be desiged from the ground up to handle intermodal container logistics. It can change entirely how container terminals at seaports are constructed, making them both cheaper and with greater capacity.

Making your world bigger

With greatly reduced travel times and city-center to city-center capability, the Hyperloop can greatly increase the area where people can commute to work from their home.

Carbon free

The Hyperloop is 100% electric. When coupled with renewable energy generation it can be entirely carbon free. It will also have a smaller impact on the landscape where it is build since the tube is contructed on pylons rather than dug into the ground.

Fastest public transport


Marek Gutt-Mostowy Founder and CEO

Experience: 6 years experience in large scale R&D complex mechanical, thermodynamical and controls projects.
1 year experience as Controls Team Leader at rLoop.
Marek on LinkedIn

Joakim Forslund Co-founder and VP

Experience: 3 years as software engineer building and designing data analytics and processing systems for telecom.
1 year developing advanced image processing systems.
1 year as overall software development lead at rLoop.
Joakim on LinkedIn

Piotr Krzemiński COO and PR Director

Experience: 3 years experience in heading up campaigns as a Project Manager in advertising agency. 8 years experience in organising and coordinating international projects within european funds.
Piotr on LinkedIn

Richard McFarlane Senior Engineering Guru

Experience:15 years developing a range of computerised foam-cutting machines (Wintech Engineering, Australia). Before that, 16 years making composite yachts and windsurfers. One-man team who reached the semi-finals in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition I.

dr hab. Bartosz Piotrowski PESA / CIRCLE / ASP Wwa

Experience: PESA: Main Industrial Designer. Head of teams of Industrial Design, Interior and Equipment, Coatings and Painting. Creator of over a dozen of product lines of trains and trams with over one hundred units manufactured. Many of them have received awards in the country and abroad since 2005. Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw: Faculty of Design, design studio: Product implementation process, specialization: means of transportation. Lecturer and researcher since 2008.

Szymon Brynda Station Engineering Lead

Experience: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Computer Aided Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology. Internship at Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements as Mechanical Engineer (3D design and flow analysis). 1 year at CERN, R&D engineering (CAD software study). Currently working in Technology Department in Orchid Orthopedics Switzerland. Quality control, CAD/CAM and FEM.
Szymon on LinkedIn

Aaron Pikus Pod Vehicle Lead

Project engineer/manager of Purdue Hyperloop team that competed in the first Hyperloop competition and was one of 7 teams to do the open air test in the SpaceX tube. B.S. in Aerospace Engineering at Purdue University. Currently working on Masters in Aerospace Engineering. Performed research throughout undergrad and grad school in rarefied gas dynamics by modeling flows in DSMC.
Aaron on LinkedIn

Michal Czech Tube Construction and Logistics Team Leader

Experience: Master in Mechanical Engineering with specialization of Automatic Control and Robotics from Cracow University of Technology Working as Design Engineer at CERN in Geneve, Switzerland. 4 years at CERN - providing transport for all the equipment in HL LHC project ( 3Ddesign & calculation, ordering, consulting and implementation of transport means). designing online/offline robot trajectories. Overall solid experience in product design and development as well as project management.
Michal on LinkedIn

Wiktor Dowgird Systems and Survey Section Director

Experience: 2 years of experience on construction sites in Poland as a setting out engineer and team lead. Carried out diverse measurements, CAD documentation analysis and data preparation on constructions such as Cracow Airport or Power Station in Opole. 1 year experience of a rail survey and 1 year experience of GIS analysis.
Wiktor on LinkedIn

Grzegorz Druzka Pylons Construction Engineer

Experience: Civil Engineering Major, Specialised in large scale buildings and warehouses.

Igor Jurkowski Software Team Leader

Experience: Software Engineer at Facebook - working full-stack as part of Internet.org program. Before that worked at Spotify, CERN and AGH University of Science and Technology.
Igor on LinkedIn

André Kunze Numerical Simulations Team Leader

Experience: 7 years at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, with ~6 of those years as the responsible engineer for all the electrical systems of a high temperature and high pressure helium cooling research facility in the field of nuclear fusion technology. The work involved design and conduction of experiments with high heat flux on test objects inside large vacuum chambers. 1 year at rLoop, working mostly on numerical simulation of the eddy brake and trajectory simulations, as well as on passive magnet ski designs.

Dario Santandrea Thermal Team Lead

Experience: 4 years as mechanical engineering consultant in R&D at CERN: mechanical system design, analysis, development and commissioning in the field of Cryogenics, Superconductivity, Energy efficiency, Thermo-fluid-dynamic and Thermo-mechanic. Laboratory scale projects responsible and Mentor for university master and bachelor students. Student candidate for Energy Management Diploma at University of Geneva, Switzerland. Thermal Leader Volunteer for rLOOP organisation since march 2016.
Dario on LinkedIn

Szymon Sroka Numerical Simulations Engineer

Experience: FEM Specialist/Design Engineer with 4 years of experience in the international field. Master in Mechanical Engineering with specialization of Advanced Computational Mechanics / Structures and Materials Mechanics & Industrial Apparatus and Installations.
Szymon on LinkedIn

Arthur Wiertek Numerical Simulations Engineer

Experience: Master in Mechanical engineering at AGH Technical University of Krakow. 5 years experience as developmental engineer with Rockwell Automation for low voltage applications. Specializing in thermal simulations of electrical systems including electromagnetic effects (eddy currents, proximity effects, etc.)
Arthur on LinkedIn

Paul Le Henaff Webb Developer and Mechanical Engineer

Experience: 3.5 Years developing web applications. Designed and manufactured a Pitot Static velocity probe as well as the electronic sensor system (B. Eng thesis). Designed a light amphibious aircraft that can transport a 4x4 vehicle - Produced CAD models and analysis of tail section (B. Eng final year group project).
1.5 years working on rLoop software team. Worked on groundstation software and made contributions to embedded.
Paul on LinkedIn

Alessandro Caratelli Controls Software Lead

Experience: 3 years experience in digital Microelectronics and systems design (CERN). 1.5 year experience in FPGA firmware and embedded systems (CERN). 1 year experience as controls team member of rLoop.
Alessandro on LinkedIn

Sylwia Wojnarska Aerostructures Lead

Experience: Master in Mechanical Engineering with Specialization of Aero and Hydro-dynamics from Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne Currently working as Mechanical Systems Design Engineer at Jet Aviation Completions Center in Basel, Switzerland Experiences: Internships at CERN, doing CFD studies of different problems connected to flow and heat transfer. Master Thesis research internship at Georgia Institute of Technology also based on CFD methodology. 6 months of work experience in Procter & Gamble as a Process Engineer connected with Project Management.
Sylwia on LinkedIn

Nestor Salame Electronics Engineer

Masters degree in Electronics 2 years experience in test set-up design for train traction system 6 years experience as Reliability Test engineer, managing all the aspects in automotive projects, such as defining test systems, plans, procedures, designing test applications and set-ups and managing resources to execute the environmental tests.


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